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The mission of Gerri Summerville Design is to create unique pieces, furniture and in­te­ri­ors that are time­less, and original.  

Gerri Summerville

Gerri  studied design at the University of Minnesota and obtained her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Interior Design with a minor in Applied Design.  


Gerri first gained her experience working for a well-known hospitality architecture and design firm in Minneapolis. Thereafter, she earned the position of Design Assistant to the owner of a widely recognized Restaurant Design and Development Firm.    

After a few years, Gerri struck out on her own and created a business-graphic design and photo-styling business for ad campaigns and television ads.

After embarking on a full renovation of a turn-of-the-century home in Minneapolis, Gerri broadened her focus by spending a year in Italy studying design and various art forms.

Returning to the United States, Gerri formed a design and building company with a cabinet/custom furniture shop. During the past eleven years, she specialized in original artisan furniture as well as continuing in the design business with upscale residential remodels. 


Gerri has been featured in numerous publications throughout the Minneapolis area and beyond.  She also opened an art gallery featuring her work along with other artists and has had her work featured in several galleries in the area. 


Gerri has developed a passion for design from different eras, origins, and styles. Her understanding of scale and proportion leads her to create exciting, yet harmonious original pieces and residential interiors.  Her most recent venture involves building a collection/line with metal artisans and concrete artists.


Gerri has a thorough understanding of custom furniture design and construction of fine, hand-crafted furniture and art work.  She incorporates multiple materials including bronze, wood, leather, metal and glass.  Her close attention to detail, texture and color permeate a sophisticated and elegant approach with functional art and furniture.  


Gerri's clients value her at­ten­tion to de­tail, her en­thu­si­as­tic en­er­gy and her ability to understand translates her client’s lifestyle and preferences into inspiring  art, furniture and living spaces.

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